Doggerland - where England and Scandinavia meet

Folk trio Doggerland have been delivering high-quality and innovative folk music since 2007. Their music is characterised by a unique line-up, musical skill and contagious enthusiasm.

From the start Doggerland's focus has been what can be called North Sea music - the musical and cultural connections that exist between the countries around the North Sea. It's these connections that in many ways have created what we know regard as 'national folk music traditions' - from the very start they have been anything other than national. For Doggerland, cloning an English folk song with a flute tune from Numedal in Norway is not part of an 'agenda', but a natural result of the trio's collective background.Doggerland - Richard, Jenny & Anders

From the trio's inception (initially under the name Burgess, Ådin & Wingård) Doggerland established themselves as an exciting and unusual flower in Scandinavia's folk music flora. Their point of a departure was unusual in itself: two Swedes and an Englishman based in Norway, and a line-up that raised a few eyebrows: concertina, clarinet and hurdy-gurdy. And, not least, songs - in English, Norwegian and French.

Their album 'Doggerland' was well received by the international folk music press: An absolutely lovely album... Beautiful arrangements... played with skill, quality and vibrancy... It's a bit of a belter! wrote the Scottish magazine Living Tradition. They play with conviction, accomplishment and ingenuity ... it's a very persuasive collection, wrote Folk Roots. A real bulls-eye for this Anglo-continental music! wrote the French Trad Mag.

Doggerland in 2015 - a new line-up

Today Doggerland emerge with a new line-up. Patrik Wingård left the band in 2015 to devote himself to other musical duties, leaving the two founder members, Swedish 'hurdy-gurdy man' and guitarist Anders Ådin and the English singer and concertina-player Richard Burgess, to hold the fort. It was pointless to try and find a replacement for multi-musician Patrik. Jenny Gustafsson, the trio's new member, is not so much a replacement as a new direction. Jenny is a fiddler through and through. A 'riksspelmann' (Swedish National Folk Musician) with the musical traditions of western Sweden as her speciality, Jenny works as a freelance musician and music teacher. On stage she is a revelation - intense and powerful playing, disciplined and bold at the same time.

Jenny's charismatic fiddle adds a new dimension to the trio, as does her rich repertoire of tunes. At the same time, the strange magic of hurdy-gurdy + concertina is retained, along with sonorous singing and delicate guitar. On stage energy and composure are finely balanced - the latter not least the result of Richard's humorous introductions!

What Doggerland has to offer:

Doggerland have long stage experience and deliver memorable concerts where not only the music but also the oral presentation hits the mark.

Courses and workshops:

  • Jenny can offer fiddle courses, both for children and adults, with a focus both tunes and technique.
  • Anders can offer courses in hurdy-gurdy and DADGAD guitar.
  • Richard can give workshops in English folk song and in shanties (work songs) in particular.

Doggerland have considerable experience, both individually and collectively, in ensemble playing.